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Burn me that looks complex, and it gets worse. So! Twin-Rigged, quick bullet points. * Fastest attacks but lowest damage & impact of all weapon types. * Cannot charge attacks at all! Instead relies on... complex combo system, thus this whole writeup. * Most attacks are thrusts or side strikes, and have little trouble aiming up at the head or down at the limbs. One note on methodology before I move onto the attacks: All damage values are approximate, and have been measured (where possible) using a Mk 2 Yosuke Butterfly with 19 proficiency, against a CREO Security Guard's unarmored head with a 4% damage helmet on. Basically take them for comparison purposes. Also, a quick note about the game's strongest Twin-Rigged weapon, the New Game+ unique Claws of the Gestalt: They're not. Twin-rigged, that is. They behave more like a one-handed weapon with some twin rigged attacks worked in, most notably the kickflip. OPENERS and FOLLOWUPS: Since you cannot charge your attacks, your only options are the SWIPE (left to right) and the SLASH (top down), either of which can be freely followed by either a REVERSE SWIPE (right to left) or a REVERSE SLASH (bottom to top). Each of these deals ~30 damage, except for the REVERSE SLASH which deals 26? No idea why, maybe because it's a bottom to top attack it doesn't contact the head which has some sort of hidden multiplier? Search me. However, things aren't as simple as it seems. If you target an enemy's leg, body, or rear leg (ARC Welder bot), the behavior of your vertical attack changes, and you will skip directly into REVERSE SLASH, which took me many deaths to figure out what was going on. COMBOS & SPECIAL ATTACKS: Unfortunately, it doesn't get easier, because based on the order of slashes and swipes, you can access different abilities entirely. Let's start with the ones that are consistent: KICKFLIP: (H-V-V or V-V-H) What it says on the tin, a strong strike for ~41 damage that also launches you backwards, letting you save stamina and time dodging. One of the best tools in your arsenal, even if it may have trouble hitting arms and heads. If you are using the Firebug 2.0, you will also launch a flame wave forward, dealing damage and igniting struck foes but I have no way to measure the damage. BLADE SPIN: (V-H-H or H-H-V) A rapid spin, striking all targets nearby for ~ 3 * 28 damage. Very handy when facing multiple enemies, but not nearly as safe as the kickflip. Using this with the Firebug 2.0 creates a ring of fire that can ignite and burn enemies that try to cross it, though the range on that is tricky. The next four attacks work a bit differently - you get access to two of them based on your chosen weapon, and unlike the flip and the spin, these allow for another move after them. TWIN LUNGE: (H-H-H or V-H-H): A quick lunge forward, striking with both weapons for ~35 damage, the lowest but quickest damage in its tier. It's available to the YOSUKE Butterfly, the Corroded Butterfly, the Firebug 2.0, the Metamorphing Talons and the Codename: Valkyrie. From the DLC, MG Strigil and Mangled Manipulators. ROUNDHOUSE: (H-H-H or V-H-H): A punch, followed by a second punch, for a total of ~2 x 20. Available, as far as I can tell, only to the CREO IP-75 'Inducer'. GLASGOW TYPEWRITER: (V-V-V or V-H-V): One of the favorite moves of the Butterfly Rhinos, this is a series of quick jabs followed by a hard one, totaling ~32+16. Bit on the long side, but good damage and good reach. Available to the YOSUKE Butterfly, the Firebug 2.0 and the Metamorphing Talons. From the DLC, MG Strigil and Mangled Manipulators. DOUBLE UPPERCUT: (V-V-V or V-H-V): Quick hop up then back down, punching stuff on the way up and down for ~20+24. Decent reach, slowish, not sure if it lets you hop over low attacks and even then, the timing would be a nightmare. Available to the Corroded Butterfly, the CREO IP-75 'Inducer' and Codename: Valkyrie. FINISHERS: Finally, either of those four can be followed up by a finisher, either the LUNGING STRIKES (H) or the FORKLIFT DANCE (V). Both of them are very similar, mostly varying in the middle of the three attacks being horizontal or vertical. Either way, you are locked into three attacks - a lunging strike/uppercut, a strike, then a spin into a last strike, totaling ~3x22 damage. Very risky, gets me hit more often than I'd like, cannot be interrupted with a dodge, but can with a finisher while conveniently keeping the enemy staggered for it. One thing to note is that the FORKLIFT DANCE in particular involves strikes from above which have trouble hitting legs and bodies.

So much the basic moveset. There is one other move though - the SCISSOR LUNGE, used by dashing towards your enemy and attacking, consisting of two strikes dealing a total of ~2 x 24. It can be followed directly into either finisher you have available - which is also what you can do after blocking an attack, giving you two counters instead of one. You can also use the SCISSOR LUNGE as a slide attack (attack while running). Lastly, you can perform a KICKFLIP by dodging away from your locked enemy and attacking but why would you? It won't even produce a Firebug 2.0's flame strike.


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