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DIY ethanol fireplace

by 8d

Finished product with active fire (my old watercolor paintings to remind me of a past life where i had free time) I really wanted real flame and not the fake electric one. Didnt want to mess around with the gas line, so I bought this piece on wayfair for $400ish. Provides quite a bit of heat, my only downside is the bioethanol fuel isnt cheap

In progress aluminum frame. I added more bracing but forgot to take photos before adding cement board. Specs for Bioethanol fireplace did not require aluminum, but I'd rather be safe bc the unit gets very hot. First time working with aluminum studs took some getting used to but worked like a charm.

Cement board up. This shit is a bitch to cut. Notice the White ledger stone. This was the material i originally wanted. I took the last of what floor & decor had. The material was on sale. Once I got it home I realized why. Awful material. Glue showing through the stone, half of it was cracked and unusable, I returned it all for brick looking tile.

Tile up. Waiting to grout and finish tile until I installed flooring. I really hated this tile when it was going up. Still not 100% sold on it, but too late now. The ledgerstone I wanted would have cost $700 just to wrap the fireplace and I didnt think the cost was justifiable. Kinda wish I bit the bullet for a statement piece that is the focus of my entire living/family room

Tile done. Caulk not done

sanding 4x6 beams that I salvaged from demo to use for the mantle

Assembled beam before stain and poly

shiplap going up. (Menards MDF shiplap)

all assembled. Im going with the dark blue for the entire wall. Eventually to the left of the fireplace will be a built-in dry bar


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