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My buddy (18yrs) made his last trip today

by 3d via Android

Sweet Doezel, i will miss the shit out of you. Including waggling your tail and arse in my face, drinking from my cup and waking me up on godforsaken hours of the night. You were with us from kitten to grandpa-cat. I know it was your time, but I'm still crying like a baby here. Rest easy pussycat. Please don't comment on the flower, he liked eating everything that was green. TL;DR my old cat died and I am very sad. Fp edit: thank you all so much for your sweet words. They really did make me feel a bit better. Guess Doezel will be playing with a lot of your old buddies :) Also, i apologize for posting a picture of him in his box and not a live one. I didnt think it through that this would be saddening or disturbing for you all (although I hadn't expected it to get so many views and upvotes). I would add some live ones, if only I knew how. I'll look into that.

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