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Welcome Back, Commander

by Mar 15
These last few months have been a mess, and I had to put my XCOM 2 novelization fic, Vigilo Confido, on hiatus in October to deal with the fallout of losing my job, helping my dad through the collapse of his business, and launching my novel, Midnight(, to try and make ends meet. There just hasn't been time for a "for-fun" project like VC, but I've actually started to get back to work in a real way! I posted one update warning people I was returning, and I've finally got a buffer again. Maybe it won't bring money in or anything, but knowing that I don't have to devote all my resources to "serious" work is a huge weight off my mind. TL;DR: got back to work on my for-fun fanfic after a winter from hell and feeling good that I have the time for that. Link for the XCOM fans:

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