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I did a thing...Part ????

by Jun 12 via iPhone

Last week I got Mister to his vet appointment! He is free of fleas, worms, and kitten Leukemia!! And he had his first round of shots, with the second schedule for the first week of July.

He did very well at the vets office, once we got into the room. He DOES NOT like to travel though. But he was a good boy in there.

After the vet we came home and watched TV.

But he was very very tired.

Very tired. I was stuck like this for about 2 hours. I really had to pee.

And because the Realty Company who oversees my apartment complex is evil, (the changed the price of my pet deposit at the last minute) he had to stay the night at a friends house, (The company is super shady and wouldn’t let me keep him until I paid the new amount of the pet deposit) but I got it all taken care of the next day.

After eating like a pig, he climbed into my lap and arms and demanded my attention. Mad that I had abandoned him.

He is such a good boy.

And here he is kissing me, because I kiss his head all the time and tell him I love him because I’m a sad human being and have 1 human friend.

Cat tax (he loves the laser pointer). ***the first few posts are on my profile if anyone is curious as to the back story***


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