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It's all a game

by May 16
I started using the internet in the 90s. I lived through snuffx, b0g, orsm, kazaa, napster, fartbrazil, audiogalaxy, yahoo groups, irc, 4chan, aim, geocities, livejournal and more before there even was a facebook or a smartphone. I learned that while the internet is great for information seekers, nothing should be taken seriously when interacting with others. Then suddenly there's this explosion of internet users through facebook and smartphones. And it seems like they haven't learned that they shouldn't take things so seriously. So we get "groups" like anti-vaccine, flat earth, "sjw" or whatever else, I don't really pay attention to them outside of them being mentioned here on imgur. Back on IRC in the 90s we would laugh at those trolls. We'd never take them seriously. If anything we'd join in on the fun and troll others for a while but that got old quick. Maybe I've got a narrow perspective and can only speak for myself, but that's how I saw it.

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