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Vault 201 Skeleton Crew 7/15/17 playtest

by Oct 12 2018

Thankfully, all the video holotapes have degraded over time, to the point they don't work anymore...

Crew Fac sign. Some platforms have issues displaying this, haven't figured out why.

Slick Willie's odorless water-soluble hand lotion.

School paste... is a food item.

School paste... is a food item.

Edible urinal cakes, and they let you breath underwater. My immersion?

Really bored workmen

Upper and lower warehouse floors from cargo elevator shaft. Player on lower level for scale. Needless to say the whole zone is HUGE.

The ersatz 'relaxation room' with a collection of video holotapes.

Yes, I went there.

View down the cargo elevator shaft from the upper door. Player standing on ledge for scale.

Warehouse cell, signage in place

Some images originally done to post on twitter

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