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Hope to give this boy another chance

by 2d via Android

This is Jasper. I want to try to save his life.

This is Jasper and his girlfriend

My family was going to adopt Jasper as soon as my apartment complex would allow us to move to the "dog friendly" building. His current owner was unable to take care of two dogs. Unfortunately, Jasper has had a lot of change in his life. There used to be many people living in his home and giving him lots of attention. Now there is just one person in the home and he hasn't been adjusting well. To our surprise he has been acting quite aggressively to his girlfriend and has even bitten other dogs at the dog park and the vet. Jasper's current owner has made the decision to put Jasper down this Saturday 9/14. The place he was adopted from will not take him back because he is aggressive with other pets. We have to think of the other dogs in the house too. I know that Jasper's current owner feels like there is nowhere left to turn, but I have to keep trying. My hope is to put this post out there to see if someone would be willing to take him in. He deserves someone who is patient and kind. He is the sweetest dog in the world and deserves another chance. Since he has been more aggressive he cannot go to a home with other pets or kids. (He's shown no agression towards humans but better to be safe with children). He is really and truly a sweetheart. He deserves another chance. If anyone is around the Milwaukee area or even anywhere somewhat close to Wisconsin. Or if you know anyplace willing to take him on short notice, I am willing to make the drive. If you have read through this whole post really do appreciate your time. Thank you


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