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Fixing scratches on Oculus Rift from eyeglasses with Polywatch polish

by Aug 14

Oculus says you can wear eyeglasses with the Rift, providing they are less than 142mm wide x 50mm tall. Mine are 114mm wide x 24mm tall. Still scratched my Oculus Rift lenses. Oculus's solution? BUY A NEW RIFT? Naturally they would love to have me buy an entire new RIft, but I'll try other solutions first. (Pictured here is scratched right lens. Left lens was actually scratched worse, but I forgot to take a 'before' photo of the left one.)

I applied Polywatch Polish to the lenses and the scratches all but vanished! Polywatch can be bought on Amazon for about $8. Definitely a cheaper solution than replacing the entire freaking system...

In an effort for learn from my mistakes, after repairing the scratches, I applied HealingShield Protection Film (CurvedFit Clear Type, 44mm) to each lens so I won't have to polish them again from wearing my glasses during Rift use. The horizontal line mid-way up is actually just bubbles. I pushed them out with gentle pressure with a lint-free microfiber cloth and now they're virtually invisible. I'm quite satisfied with the results!


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