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Japan 2018 - Misawa, JPN

by Jun 13

My new Japanese Family! Here I am with my new Japanese friend Sasaki-san, myself, my co-worker Carl, and Sasaki-san's wife and kids. (-san is like Mr. or Mrs. in the US)

Cow 2nd stomach on the grill and kimchee in the dish.

Cow second stomach.

Cool Budist painting at a restaurant.

Interesting excavator the Japanese contractor was using

Stray cat that came up to us on the job site. Likes me more than Bailey.

Awesome mustache I was brewing up for the month I was out in Japan.

Ramen in Miso broth. On the left is rice with pork and a sweet mayonnaise on top. Sooo good. On the right some gyoza or pot-stickers.

Me posing on the job site. Looking good while working. Acting like the boss, hand in pocket watching while everyone else is getting dirty.

A dog tag at a Japanese sanctuary.

Korean bbq with the boys. From left to right Harry, Andree, myself and Carl. Harry and Carl smiling while Andree and I are goofing off. Very drunk at the time. $15 US dollars for unlimited beer and sake shots for 2.5 hrs. All the while eating thin meats. Get more full from the alcohol than the food. Getting our moneys worth for sure. The waitress started serving us slower and slower otherwise we would have drank them dry.

Another doggo.

Me attempting murder with a rock on Carl. Him not having any of it.

Japanese shrine.

Japanese bbq. Pork this time.

More ramen with rice and pork on the side.

Me posing outside the Fire station with the cartoon.

Awesome beer poster.

The robot hostess. He moves his head and arms. You press the touchscreen tablet on his chest to say how many people are in your party. Then he displays what number table you are sitting at. The table then lights up and plays some music so you know exactly where you are sitting.

Another awesome ramen with pork and rice, pork, mayonnaise combo.

Carl posing as the fireman too.

Japanese castle built on a rock wall around a moat.

This is a cut of Wagyu. One of the best cuts of beef in Japan other than Kobe beef. Notice the marbling of the meat compared to US steaks where the fat is a thin layer on top of the beef. Japanese BBQ or how they call it Yakiniku. It's the same as Korean BBQ but almost all meat instead of korean bbq where it's half meat and half vegetables.

Selfie with the tower that was built 4,000 years ago.

Another fireman picture. Notice the fireman is a black guy.

Gate at the Castle area.

The Vending machine mascot.

Outside the Yakiniku restaurant.

Another picture of the 4000 year old tower.

Cool statue outside City Hall


Samuri Dojo

Dydo. The greatest sugary drink ever made.

The moat surrounding the gate and castle.

Awesome pose at the museum.

moat from the top of the castle wall.

4000 year old house build above ground.

Another little shak from long ago.

Parking for the pregnant and people with a broken foot.

Castle Gate.

Bathrooms like this everywhere.

Penguin / Squid holding up the temporary fence at construction sites all over the place. Boy and Girl versions.

Me too!

I may use Jumbo American Dog instead of Corndog from now on.


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