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Intro to Wild Mage, an ARPG I'm working on

by Apr 16

Hi, I am Lucas from Luna Orion studio. I've been working on an open-world action/adventure RPG called Wild Mage - Phantom Twilight for the past year. I always liked the idea of exploring a world made of floating islands with airships, like in some of the cutscenes in FF IX. But few games I know of really expanded on this concept as part of their core gameplay, so I decided to make one myself! :) I first got into video game development when I was 11 years old, working at the air force teen center in Panama. With the relatively hostile environment outside the base, I spent a lot of time playing and modding video games.

So why Wild Mage? It's about magic. I found myself unsatisfied with the way spell casting is done in most games over the years. Instead of particle effects accompanied by some ranged damage, I wanted spells to have physical implications. For example, a Tornado spell should literally throw monsters into the air.

Another feature that I had wished for as a gamer for a long time is dynamic destruction of monsters. In an ideal world, swords slice, hammers crush. Their effects on enemies should be physical, instead of being represented as only numbers. In Wild Mage, monsters are dynamically destructible. An artifact sword can slice enemies into pieces, and how it cuts depends on the location and direction that the sword hits the monsters. So no two cuts are the same!

Dungeon Tunneling

Like monsters, environments in Wild Mage are destructible as well. Dungeons are nested in voxel-based islands. In certain spots, the walls are destructible and you can tunnel your way to hidden chambers.

Fire propagates dynamically through everything flammable. Spells in Wild Mage can be acquired from monsters and lore books. Some spells are rarer than others, as are the monsters they are acquired from. And as you gain more experience you have better understanding and control of the spells you cast.

As for environments, we try to make them as immersive and diverse as possible. The question I keep asking myself is, how does it make me feel?

Do I want to be there? By the way, you can choose to play as a fairy in Wild Mage.

And what kind of imagination does it inspire? So, as you can see, the motivation for making Wild Mage - Phantom Twilight is really to make a game that I want to play, with all the features that I've been wishing for in a game over the years. We reached our Kickstarter funding goal in 13 hours and our 1st stretch goal in 2.5 days! We could NOT have done it without the support of our Imgur community! So thank you very much! If you're interested in finding out more about Wild Mage, visit our website: Wishlist us on Steam:


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