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Here are some stats and memories from month 1 of the wholesome series, you deserve them

Uploaded Mar 30 2019

Welcome to the 2nd month of 20 Wholesome Things! Here are some stats from the series along with every final message wrriten so far. The Imgur Blog interview was a great time and mostly about this series. @IPostDogs made it an easy and fun process and I also stole some of his dog gifs while I was at it. After 4 years on Imgur and 3 million points, I had never once had a "Best Post of the Day" - the post with the most points that day on Imgur. Not once! Until this series...

This wholesome community grew fast and it grew large. 8 days of March feature '20 Wholesome Things' as the top voted post! 30 posts in the series - 30 posts made the front page Fastest to - 3h 47m Slowest to - 3h 58m 247,059 total points An average of 8,235 points per post Approximate time spent creating series - 70-75 hours The comments have been spectacular. What started as a silly feel good morning post has turned into a group of people loving and supporting one another. Every single one of you is as much a part of this movement as me or anyone else. We are all in this together.

I started writing these after the first 3 posts. This one I didn't write, it's from Reddit. All I did was edit in "Imgur", but the idea was born

They started vague and simple. As they continued I put more and more thought and feeling into them

Still simple, finally got the formatting I liked

Italics? I wasnt playing around that day

Anxiety about the decision eventually made in day 30

Day 30

The major life decision I made. Packing up from the Twin Cities and moving to small town Tennessee. Still working out the simplest of details, transportation and housing, though the requested transfer at work is in.

Tax - My 14 year old puppy MrPuckett Thank you for growing with us in month one. I look forward to what month 2 of the series will bring us all.

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